Who We Are

Qualitel was founded in 1995 with a single focus: build high-reliability, mission-critical PCB assemblies. Located in Everett, Washington, our state-of-the-art facility is a vast leap from our humble beginnings in a garage in Redmond. Through steady investments in the newest technology, expert talent, and lean initiatives, we have become a premier electronics manufacturing service for large run assemblies and prototypes and trusted partners to multiple industries including aerospace, military and medical. At Qualitel, we believe we are your manufacturing partner and extension of your business.

“Qualitel employees go the extra mile to deliver our customers’ complex, mission critical electronics on time even when requirements change at the last minute. We strive for zero defects in everything we do from prototyping to manufacturing turnkey solutions.”

Tuanhai Hoang, President

Our Core Values


At Qualitel, we are in business because we are responsive to our customers and our internal team. 


At Qualitel, we treat everyone with respect and expect everyone to treat us the same way.


At Qualitel, we are always reliable which is also being responsible and being accountable.


At Qualitel, we always work together as a team to get things done.


At Qualitel, we want everyone to care about being here. This is very important to Qualitel and its customers.