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Medical & Life Sciences

Medical &
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Express Prototyping

Our quick-turn prototyping manufacturing production line has its own facility, equipment and staff. We understand the importance of quality, and our professional staff has extensive knowledge and experience in commercial and consumer electronics.

PCB Assembly

When everyone is counting on your product, count on Qualitel for high-reliability printed circuit board (PCB) assembly. Qualitel reduces and eliminates delays in the PCB assembly process.

Surface Mount Technology

Qualitel’s SMT process yields the highest reliability in the marketplace using state-of-the-art redundant equipment like Panasonic Pick & Place and Myrcronic production solutions. 

Coatings Applied In-House

Qualitel uses conformal coatings to protect sensitive PCB assemblies that require high reliability and precision with long-term life cycles like those used in aerospace and medical applications. Our coatings, including parylene, guard against moisture, contaminants, and other environmental stresses that can lead to short circuits and corrosion of conductors and solder joints.

Advanced Testing Services

Qualitel’s comprehensive testing capabilities help reduce the risk of recall and meet strict regulatory requirements. Our test operators and test technicians have extensive experience in running most tests.

Supply Chain Management

At Qualitel, we deliver complete and high-reliability supply chain management that gives you peace of mind. We can source all components, materials, and services required to manufacture all of your products and sub-assemblies.

DFX/Obsolescence Management

Qualitel can provide DFX and Obsolescence Management during our NPI and sustaining manufacturing to minimize your costs and risks.

High-Level Box-Build Assembly

Qualitel provides complete turnkey box-build and final assemblies for the majority of our customers. Our customers trust Qualitel to provide this service to meet their unique specifications, particularly in the medical, aerospace, and defense industries. Some unique requirements including system-level testing, calibration/tuning, environment vibration, and temperature testing/burn-in, maintaining Device History Records (DHR), and full lot traceability

Test System Development

Qualitel’s test engineering has capabilities to help you design the tests that you need. Qualitel put in this service as a value-add so that we can help you not worry about the testing before and after the program is launched.

New Product Information

From CCA to full Box-Build, Qualitel can ensure all NPI are trouble free when your product goes to production. 

Why Qualitel?

Everyone is counting on your product, so you need electronics manufacturing services you can depend on. Only Qualitel has dedicated lines and personnel to provide prototype-to-production services, all from our West Coast headquarters.

Dependable Quality & Delivery

Testimonials from our Customers

They care about the customer. I get the feeling that we’re important – you might take that for granted in the contract manufacturing world and that sets them apart – they truly care about our success.

Aerospace Customer

We believe Qualitel is a good fit for the niche we’re in.

Military Customer

They make sure every product is delivered fast and they are very accommodating to all changes in the process. Qualitel is also very customer oriented and flexible.

Medical Customer

Our experience working with Qualitel has been fantastic. They are easy to work with – committed to quality and constant in technology and training to keep on top of the manufacturing business.

Industrial Customer

Come See For Yourself

Take a facility tour, meet the staff and learn more about our unique ability to manufacture your mission-critical PCB Assembly with the highest reliability so you can focus on other priorities.

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