Year: 2019

Qualitel Receives Service Excellence Award for Highest Overall Customer Satisfaction

Qualitel is pleased to announce it has been awarded Circuits Assembly’s 2019 Service Excellence Award for highest overall customer service among electronics contract manufacturers with $20 to $100 million in annual sales.  Circuits Assembly is one of the industry’s leading magazines for surface mount and electronics assembly technology.  The award was announced on January 29,…

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How Qualitel Washes Away Worries of PCBA Contamination

Precision cleanliness is critical for Qualitel to manufacture high-reliability, complex printed circuit board assemblies that won’t fail under harsh conditions. However, proper cleanliness levels are difficult to achieve for components with solderable areas under them. 3 Flux residues trapped under the body of the component may lead to electrical shorts and/or intermittent operation of equipment….

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