Year: 2019

Qualitel Assembly Line

Core Values support Qualitel’s commitment to quality and high reliability

Qualitel’s Core Values play an important role in its ability to deliver on the promise that you can count on Qualitel for high-reliability electronics manufacturing services. Qualitel specializes in complex printed circuit board assemblies (PCBAs) and box-builds for aerospace, medical, defense and other industries where failure is not an option. Since a malfunction of a…

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Students Tour Qualitel

More than 80 students tour Qualitel during national Manufacturing Day

The students already had a keen interest in electronics, and they wanted to know how to get a job at Qualitel after graduation. “You just need to care,” said president Tuanhai Hoang in response to a question from one of 80 local high school and junior college students who toured Qualitel during national Manufacturing Day…

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How We Make PCBA Prototypes So Fast

Need high-quality circuit board assembly prototypes in days or hours, not weeks? Qualitel Express is a dedicated quick-turn facility for high-quality PCB assembly prototypes. Bring in a kit and Qualitel Express will program and run the prototype while you stay productive in our new private office spaces with Wi-Fi and refreshments. Or watch as we…

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Qualitel Has Production Lines Optimized for Any Size Job from a Single Prototype to High Volume

The Qualitel manufacturing environment is designed for flexibility. We can run high-mix/low-volume jobs at the same time we run high-volume production. This flexibility allows Qualitel to be very responsive to customers who need high quality PCB assemblies for mission critical products. Qualitel has three different types of lines to handle all sizes of jobs: two…

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Qualitel Combines High-Speed SMT Manufacturing and Superior Quality with the latest 3-D AOI for each SMT Line

Qualitel invests in the fastest SMT equipment in our quest to meet ever tighter PCB assembly schedules for our customers. Speed is important—but we refuse to compromise on our commitment to accuracy and precision. We’re known for assembling mission critical products that won’t fail under the harshest conditions. Quality is in our name. For high-speed…

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Dedicated Lines Keep Prototypes, NPI and Production Running On Time

How does Qualitel handle proto, NPI and production runs? Many PCBA contract manufacturers try to process every type of job on the same production line. After all, the equipment is expensive and it seems like a good idea to use one line for everything. The problem is that it becomes hard for them to maintain…

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New high-speed, high-accuracy SMT line makes Qualitel competitive with offshore alternatives

Everett, WA – Qualitel recently went into production with four Panasonic NPM-W2 pick-and-place machines capable of placing electronic components with the highest speed and accuracy attainable in the industry. The four new Panasonic NPM-W2 machines have a combined capability of installing up to 308,000 electronic parts per hour, depending on the design of the PCB…

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Fly to Qualitel faster with opening of Paine Field Airport

Commercial flights at Paine Field Airport – a five-minute drive to Qualitel – began in early March and by the end of the month Alaska and United will have 24 departures and arrivals each day. Qualitel and Qualitel Express customers who live in one of the following nine West Coast destinations can save several hours…

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Qualitel is Hiring!!

Qualitel is actively recruiting new employees to fill many vacancies from material handling to soldering to testing to process engineering to cost analysis and many more. A $2000 signing bonus is being offered for qualified assembler positions, and a $3000 bonus for Solderers. For critical shop-floor positions – Material Handler, SMT Operator, Conformal Coat Lead,…

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What Qualitel is doing about the shortage of electronics components

A shortage of critical electronics components is only getting worse. Qualitel is doing everything it can to protect our customers. The high-reliability electronics contract manufacturer uses advanced purchasing software to maintain a year’s supply of resistors and capacitors, and uses the software to find, assess and purchase them. Without taking these measures, Qualitel would have…

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