Announcing Qualitel Express: A New Rapid-Turn Prototyping Service

Qualitel is excited to announce Qualitel Express, a new division dedicated to rapid-turn prototypes for customers that need reliable electronics manufacturing services.

Expanding on a reputation for high-reliability assembly and extraordinary customer service, in Q3 of 2017 Qualitel will be launching Qualitel Express, a quick-turn prototyping service, offering same-day to five-day turnkey and consignment turnaround to all new and existing customers. The newly formed division is geared toward doing whatever it takes to get PCB assembly prototypes built and in to customers’ hands as fast as possible.

The new division will be comprised of dedicated equipment and expert staff in a comfortable setting for customers and engineers to work, collaborate and innovate. The new quick-turn prototype line will be completely independent from Qualitel’s existing business, and located in the adjacent building with separate offices, manufacturing space, engineers, and staff.

“We believe we will have the capability of building a product in as little as four to eight hours,” said Vice President Hoa Hoang. “Qualitel Express has invested in equipment and resources that will be able to do this. Customers can literally bring in a kit and we will be able to program and run the product, depending on complexity, while they wait.”

Qualitel Express has so far invested $1 million in state-of the-art equipment to support the quick-turn line, which includes highly flexible and quick-change SMT placement systems, a solder-paste jet-printer, 12-zone reflow oven, 3-d x-ray, 3-d solder paste inspection, AOI inspection; and selective soldering systems to support mixed technologies. Qualitel Express can also leverage Qualitel’s flying probe testing services if needed, until dedicate resources can be provided to the new location.

“The new space is air conditioned and environmentally controlled, with electro-static dissipative (ESD) tile flooring and active ESD control monitoring,” Hoang said. “We want to be the premier prototyping center in the northwest and we’re not taking any short-cuts.”

The quick-turn division will accelerate every aspect of building prototypes – responsive service and communication, rapid quoting, and immediate purchase of parts upon receipt of PO. Qualitel’s no-nonsense approach eliminates the upfront and transactional delays that so often lead to increased turn-time.

“Unlike competitors, our quick-turn proto line, NPI lines, production lines and staff are independent of each other,” explains Paul Weyn, Director of Business Development. “This eliminates the inherent schedule and priority conflicts that occur when prototyping, NPI and production are all run on the same equipment line with the same personnel,” Weyn said. “Even though Qualitel Express is separate, it has the support and backup of Qualitel’s other resources – processes, knowledge, people, systems, and identical equipment. Not only does this put Qualitel Express in the forefront as the industry expert in prototyping electronics assemblies, but we’re prepared to do whatever it takes to make the customer happy.”

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