Dedicated Lines Keep Prototypes, NPI and Production Running On Time

How does Qualitel handle proto, NPI and production runs?

Many PCBA contract manufacturers try to process every type of job on the same production line. After all, the equipment is expensive and it seems like a good idea to use one line for everything.

The problem is that it becomes hard for them to maintain a production schedule. The transition between production orders is a logical time for them to squeeze in a prototype run. Unfortunately, that causes two kinds of schedule delays.

The first kind of delay affects the waiting production orders. They get bumped back while the quick-turn prototype is set up and run. It is true that prototype runs are short. But they’re not quick.  Because of the setup required, the line is down and other jobs wait.

The second kind of delay impacts prototype jobs. The small prototype runs often are delayed in favor of a larger job. Giving priority to production jobs avoids the problem of squeezing in a prototype – but if production jobs fall behind for another reason, then prototypes can wait a long time to get their turn on the line.

Qualitel ensures that all order types move smoothly through dedicated lines.

Take NPI for example. If NPI shares an assembly line with production runs, it faces a problem similar to prototypes. For any new job, a contract manufacturer must work out the processes and issues before the work goes into full production.

SMT line makes Qualitel competitive with offshore alternativesAt Qualitel, NPI is about taking the time to find the snags that could later stop a production run. It doesn’t make sense to interrupt production runs for NPI. It would be like closing the runway to do preventive maintenance on one airplane.

That’s why Qualitel has separate lines for NPI, where the process can’t cause delays in production runs. Only Qualitel can guarantee uninterrupted attention to NPI projects, so you can be confident that your complex PCB assembly will be trouble-free when it goes into production.

We dedicate lines and people to prototypes and NPI outside of the production line, to keep all kinds of jobs running efficiently. Qualitel Express makes your PCB prototype assembly the top priority until it is delivered. The Qualitel NPI staff is experienced and ready to respond immediately to any changes necessary during NPI. They provide design recommendations for manufacturability so your product will be ready to move smoothly into volume production.

Get in touch with Qualitel today to get your product to market without delay.

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