Tuanhai Honoring a 20 Year Employee for 25th Anniversary Celebration

Celebrating 25 Years of Innovation!

Like the humble beginnings of Google, Apple, and Microsoft, Qualitel too originated in a garage in Redmond, WA in 1986 as a family-run assembly business. In 1995 when Tuanhai Hoang took over the family’s operation, that small garage workshop evolved into the highest reliability electronics manufacturer for the aerospace, medical, industrial, and military markets.

Building a great tech company with staying power isn’t an easy thing to do. But with 25 years under its belt, Qualitel continues to thrive. Here are five reasons they have been able to prosper.  

1. Technology

It is no secret that great technology is at the core of successful innovation. Through steady investments in the newest technology throughout its operations, Qualitel has a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility that allows them to provide the quickest response with the greatest quality large run assemblies and prototypes to multiple industries including aerospace, military and medical.

2. Focus

In 1995 Tuanhai Hoang recognized the need for a quality Surface Mount Technology (SMT) manufacturer that customers could rely on. Built from a foundation of purpose, that same niche, high end, high mix, high complexity product is what Qualitel continues to specialize in today.

3. Forward-thinking

Seeing the complications that often arise when prototype assembly is outsourced to third party services, Qualitel created a separate quick-turn electronics manufacturing and prototyping services for clients needing quick turn around with no minimum quantity, but dependable quality and delivery.  

4. Lean

Lean is a cultural commitment at Qualitel; something they act on every day. To achieve the highest quality mission-critical PCB assemblies, Qualitel’s lean initiatives mean reducing waste, providing value, improving productivity, and testing, and encouraging an accountable can-do culture.

5. Talent

It is that can-do culture and a flat responsive management structure that empowers Qualitel’s people to make quick decisions fosters open lines of communication, and encourages employees to continually learn and evolve, all of which contribute to the greatest customer experience.

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