Qualitel Assembly Line

Core Values support Qualitel’s commitment to quality and high reliability

Qualitel’s Core Values play an important role in its ability to deliver on the promise that you can count on Qualitel for high-reliability electronics manufacturing services.

Qualitel specializes in complex printed circuit board assemblies (PCBAs) and box-builds for aerospace, medical, defense and other industries where failure is not an option.

What are your core values?Since a malfunction of a PCBA could be catastrophic, Qualitel employees must take great “care” when doing their work. They handle PCBAs carefully and care so much about doing the best they can that they to do their job perfectly every time.

Therefore “Cares” is one of five Core Values used to make hiring decisions and evaluate employee performance. The other core values are Responsive, Respectful, Reliable and Teamwork. Employees who don’t adhere to any one of the core values are expected to fix the problem immediately.

Qualitel has more than 200 employees who use these Core Values daily to deliver mission critical electronics that won’t fail no matter what. Here a short overview of each Core Value:

Responsive: Qualitel employees treat every request with urgency and importance. They respond in a timely manner to requests from customers, team members and vendors with a priority given to customers. Employees respond in less than 24 hours to customer needs. They are expected to be responsive to team member requests with immediate acknowledgement and a plan to accommodate a request in less than 48 hours.

Respectful: Employees give everyone respect such as customers, fellow employees and vendors. They are courteous, pleasant and treat everyone fairly. Even though they may not like a certain situation, they do what they can to be respectful. No yelling or speaking behind an employee’s back. If an employee has an issue with another employee, an honest, respectful discussion is expected.

Reliable: You can rely on Qualitel to meet deadlines and commitments because employees are willing to go the extra mile to stay on schedule, whether it is coming in early, staying late, or working weekends. They strive to do their job right the first time but no one is perfect. While employees never blame other members, they accept blame when they are responsible for a missed commitment or deadline. When it is obvious Qualitel can’t live up to its promises, employees immediately communicate the delay to the affected customer.

Teamwork: Qualitel employees work together as a team to get things done. Sometimes, they need help and sometimes they need to help others. They have a will‐do attitude and motivate each other as much as possible. When they finish their work, they help others get their work done. They collaborate to solve problems and listen to advice from other team members.

Cares: Employees not only care about the PCBAs they build but also their team members, and the state of the facilities and equipment they use.  When someone needs help, a team member cares enough to pitch in. Equipment is treated with care.  The lunchroom, bathrooms and working areas are always clean because employees care.

Qualitel’s Core Values not only represent the principals of the company and its people, but it’s in everything we do. It’s in every assembly, in every commitment, and in our promise: to deliver mission-critical assemblies that will not fail even under the harshest of conditions.

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