How Qualitel Triples PCB Production and Increases Quality: As highlighted in SMT Today, Issue 44.

Going through rapid growth with no end in sight is a nice problem to have for any business, but it can present challenges. For Qualitel, their rapidly growing customer base meant that the company needed to speed output while maintaining flexibility and responsiveness, the core of their service mantra, whether for printed circuit board prototypes or large production assembly runs. 

But it also meant looking in a new direction for their inspection process in order to continue their reputation for high-quality standards for mission-critical PCBs assemblies. To let quality control suffer was not an option, no matter how busy they became.

The search for a solution led to a list of requirements:

  • Inspection needed to happen in-line and in real time.
  • It needed to be accurate with a very low false-call rate.
  • Any solution needed to fit with their existing statistical process control capabilities.
PCB assemblies
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Highest Quality PCB Assemblies

Qualitel is proud of the fact that it is known for producing the highest quality PCBs assemblies and in-house coatings, so the vetting process was carried out with caution. In the end, Qualitel ended up partnering with Koh Young, purchasing six machines; two solder paste inspection (SPI) units, and four 3D automatic optical inspections (AOI) units. Even at the speed and quality, Qualitel demanded, the Koh Young units stood up to the test. Since the implementation of the units, Qualitel has found, and customers have enjoyed:

  • Reduced production times of 2.5 minutes per assembly
  • Less product rework
  • Downstream test yield to over 98%
  • Improved first pass yield quality
  • Upgraded inspection parameters, such as:
    • IPC-A-610-based joint measurement
    • Lifted leads and parts
    • Foreign object debris
    • Component lead & body coplanarity

The end result has allowed Qualitel to provide greater speed to market for customers’ printed circuit boards and assemblies, tripling their output while being able to up their level of standards. 

A Qualitel has proven, you can have speed, flexibility and reliability with the right quality controls in place. And as they celebrate 25 years in the business they are preparing for the next 25, standing on the foundation of quality.

If you are looking to place your next printed circuit board project with a company that is always providing the finest in PCB assemblies, SMT, and coatings technologies, prototypes, or large runs, look to Qualitel. 

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