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Qualitel Launches Online Quoting Tool For Your Electronics Prototyping Assembly!

Qualitel, the company that brings you the fastest turnaround while delivering the highest quality for PCB assemblies, now makes it extremely easy and convenient to get a quote. We have just launched our online Quote Calculator online tool, allowing you to save a ton of time and bypass the wait of someone getting back to you.  It’s perfect for those printed circuit board assemblies that are ready for the quick-turn and build phase.  

With the Qualitel Quote Calculator:

  • Enter the number of SMT, TH, and FP parts you have.
  • Tell us how many boards you need.
  • Give us your required lead time.

The calculator will provide a real-time quote right then and there. Simply select what you’d like to receive with your quote from the options listed – and you’re done!  You can enter your information if you would like to send yourself your quote. Send in your files to finalize your order or send in more information to get a quick-turn turnkey quote as little as 48 hours!

Try It Now

The Quote Calculator is just one more example of how the Qualitel team can make your life easier. Try it now!

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