Investing in the Future: What the New Qualitel Facility Means For You

Three years ago, Qualitel began preparing for future growth by committing to an available facility a 100 yards away. By the end of March of 2016, build out was finished and Qualitel began moving into our new space! Qualitel now has over 70,000 feet of production and manufacturing space to meet our customers’ needs for mission critical electronics manufacturing services.


What’s Inside?

The new facility contains 33,000 square feet of additional space for Qualitel to house the most up-to-date electronics manufacturing equipment for final assembly box-build, and distribution. The new space has electro-static dissipative (ESD) tile flooring and additional warehouse space to store components and finished goods. It will be used primarily to expand our box build and final assembly capabilities for medical, aerospace, and industrial customers.

Qualitel needed the additional space to continue to grow and achieve its goal of reaching $100 million in revenue. We have moved existing final assembly, warehousing, and shipping operations into the new facility.   This creates more space in our existing facility to build more circuit cards assemblies . The new facility enhances our disaster recovery capabilities by having finished products stored in another location from its components. Qualitel is scaling up to meet industry needs for logistics and distribution for some its customers.

“We’ve learned a lot from operating our first facility, and we’re going to enter our new one with a lean attitude,” explains Vice President of Engineering, Hoa Hoang.

“Having one building next to each other allows us to move products quickly and efficiently while assuring some backups.”


How You Benefit

How does the new facility benefit you, our customer? We can ensure more reliable redundancy, quicker disaster recovery, and room for continuous growth without affecting our existing customers.

Qualitel invests in the latest equipment and technology, and in space to meet changing industry demand, so that we’re your most reliable and valuable investment. Qualitel continues to invest and look toward the future so we can meet your needs before you even know they’re there.  Focus on your business – let Qualitel do the rest.

Get in touch with our team today to schedule a new facility tour!

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