Qualitel Has Production Lines Optimized for Any Size Job from a Single Prototype to High Volume

Qualitel Production LinesThe Qualitel manufacturing environment is designed for flexibility. We can run high-mix/low-volume jobs at the same time we run high-volume production. This flexibility allows Qualitel to be very responsive to customers who need high quality PCB assemblies for mission critical products.

Qualitel has three different types of lines to handle all sizes of jobs: two Mycronics prototyping lines in Qualitel Express; two Mycronics high-mix lines; and one Panasonic high-volume line.

Production Lines in QualitelThe Panasonic high-volume line is rated to place up to 308,000 SMT parts per hour. The centerpieces of the Panasonic line are our Panasonic NPM-W2 pick-and-place machines capable of placing electronic components with the highest speed and accuracy attainable in the industry. And Qualitel is one of the only contract manufacturers in country with 4mm feeders to place tiny parts (as small as 0201 metric) for high density printed circuit boards.

The Mycronics high-mix lines are optimized for small and medium runs. They can place up to 25,000 parts per hour. Our Mycronics lines can accept cut tape, which means you don’t need to buy reels for your small runs. That way Qualitel helps to keep your material costs down.

We have dedicated lines and teams for prototypes, NPI and production, so all sizes of jobs stay on schedule. Qualitel uses the same state-of-the-art equipment on all lines. To keep pace with even our fastest lines, Qualitel uses the industry’s most advanced inspection equipment — Koh Young’s Zenith-Lite, 3D automated optical inspection (AOI) machines.

Each high-mix/low-volume line includes highly flexible Mydata SMT placement systems with quick-change Agilis feeders, 12-zone reflow ovens, 3D X-rays, 3D solder paste inspection and AOI inspection. Qualitel also utilizes selective soldering systems to support mixed technologies.

Qualitel's ProcessesQualitel’s processes are set up to handle smaller batch sizes, which minimizes defects and recalls that are a risk with large-batch manufacturers. Our configuration allows shorter cycle times and faster setup times, which lends flexibility to blend high volume jobs with low volume production runs.

Qualitel Express can manufacture a few pieces or a single prototype in as little as eight hours. Our two quick-turn proto lines are situated in a separate facility with their own equipment and staff. And we can roll projects over to Qualitel’s NPI and production lines when you are ready.

Schedule a tour to see Qualitel’s five lines optimized for every level – proto, NPI, high-mix/low-volume production, and high-volume production. You’ll see why Qualitel is a market leader in on-time PCBA delivery and technical perfection, providing unsurpassed service to customers whose products must not fail under the most extreme conditions.

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