How We Make PCBA Prototypes So Fast

Need high-quality circuit board assembly prototypes in days or hours, not weeks? Qualitel Express is a dedicated quick-turn facility for high-quality PCB assembly prototypes.

Bring in a kit and Qualitel Express will program and run the prototype while you stay productive in our new private office spaces with Wi-Fi and refreshments. Or watch as we run your prototype on our more than $1 million in state-of the-art equipment.

The quick-turn division will accelerate every aspect of building prototypes – responsive service, rapid quoting and immediate purchase of parts upon receipt of PO. You get the agility that you would expect from a smaller EMS vendor, with the dependability of a mature electronics manufacturer.

Qualitel has done quick-turn prototyping for more than 22 years. Our no-nonsense approach eliminates the upfront and transactional holdups that so often lead to increased turnaround time. From the minute you contact Qualitel Express to the moment we deliver your project, we eliminate delays.

It takes experience to build the premier prototyping center in the Northwest. It also requires an investment.

Qualitel Express is located in a new 33,000 square foot facility adjacent to the Qualitel 38,000 square foot production facility. The entire space is air conditioned and has electro-static dissipative (ESD) tile flooring.

Qualitel’s investment in state-of the-art equipment to support the Qualitel Express quick-turn line includes Mydata My12E SMT placement systems, My-600 Jet printers, 15-zone reflow ovens, 3-D x-ray and 3-D AOI inspection.

The quick-turn prototype line is completely independent from the NPI and production lines. This eliminates schedule and priority conflicts that plague other quick-turn manufacturers.

Beyond prototyping, Qualitel is ready to help speed your products to market. With Qualitel you can keep your PCB assemblies under one roof through all four stages: quick-turn prototyping, NPI, local turnkey and consigned assembly, and high-volume production. Plus we have our own testing equipment and apply Parylene and other conformal coatings in our facility.

Qualitel Express is clearly the industry expert in prototyping electronics assemblies, and we’re prepared to do whatever it takes to meet your PCB assembly prototype needs. Contact Qualitel Express for a quote today.

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