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The Qualitel Story

Qualitel has come a long way since it was founded in Redmond, Washington in a two-car garage in 1986.  Today, Qualitel just finished expanding into 70,000 feet of production and manufacturing space to meet our customers’ needs for complex electronics manufacturing services.

In 1986, soldering was the only service offered and demand was high. The family-owned business moved production to a larger alley space in Seattle in 1990. Then in 1995, Tuanhai Hoang left Intel Corporation in the Bay Area and came back home to grow the family business.

Tuanhai incorporated his family’s company as Qualitel Corporation – combining “quality” with “electronics.” As President, Tuanhai quickly recognized the growing demands of emerging electronics manufacturing industries and implemented Qualitel’s first surface mount technology line by the end of 1995. Only six years later, Qualitel was recognized as the sixth fastest-growing private company in Washington State.

By September 2001, Qualitel had relocated back to Redmond with a total of 16,200 square feet to meet a rapidly growing demand. As high-volume manufacturing shifted to China and Mexico, Qualitel focused its business on manufacturing high-mix, mission-critical electronics that required the highest reliability. By 2006, Qualitel was recognized as the leader in high-quality contract electronics manufacturing for the aerospace and medical device industries in the Northwest.

In 2010 Qualitel invested $5 million in equipment, manufacturing, and testing capabilities to produce high-mix, high-reliability, mission-critical electronics. While other electronic manufacturers focused on producing greater volumes of products at a cheaper cost, Qualitel focused on quality first, and cost second.

At the end of the day, our customers need the highest-quality product. They need a manufacturer they can count on to provide the value they need, within the time that they need it. That’s Qualitel’s mission: to be the highest value choice for customers. We manufacture complex electronics with the highest reliability so our customers can focus on their business.

The Qualitel Story from Qualitel on Vimeo.

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