Students Tour Qualitel

More than 80 students tour Qualitel during national Manufacturing Day

The students already had a keen interest in electronics, and they wanted to know how to get a job at Qualitel after graduation.

“You just need to care,” said president Tuanhai Hoang in response to a question from one of 80 local high school and junior college students who toured Qualitel during national Manufacturing Day in early October.

The tour started with a presentation about what an electronics manufacturing services (EMS) company like Qualitel does. Hoang explained to students that Qualitel specializes in manufacturing complex, low-med volume printed circuit board assembly (PCBA) for industries such as aerospace and medical devices where failure is not an option.

As part of his presentation, Hoang used a printed circuit board assembly to show students its complexity and where it went in the cockpit of an airplane. He emphasized that failure of a PCBA manufactured by Qualitel could be catastrophic which is why it is essential that employees care so much that they do a perfect job every time.

Caring is so important, Hoang said, that it is one of Qualitel’s five core company values. Since Qualitel trains new employees, a demonstrated commitment to excellence and attention to detail is a critical factor during the hiring process.

In addition to learning the importance of caring enough to do tasks right every time, students were taken on a tour of the facilities. They watched as printed circuit boards went through Qualitel’s state-of-the-art, high-tech equipment which plays an important role in Qualitel’s ability to produce PCBAs that can’t fail even under harsh environmental conditions.

During Manufacturing Day, Qualitel stopped production at its prototype division Qualitel Express. This allowed students to see all the equipment up close without the potential for damage to PCBAs from electrostatic discharges (ESD).

Qualitel joined thousands of companies across North America who participated in Manufacturing Day to highlight the importance of manufacturing and draw attention to rewarding manufacturing careers. It gave Qualitel the opportunity to showcase modern manufacturing jobs and technologies.

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